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Angle grinder blade – Multi cutting and grinding ceramic

Almost any modern tile-based interior can’t be created without pruning. In most cases, the most affordable and compact tool for cutting porcelain is an Angle grinder. Because unlike tile cutting machine, Angle grinder can march curved cutting, can meet the cutting requirements of a variety of shapes and situations. But the quality of the edge of the ceramic tile after cutting by the Angle grinder is often poor, could not meet the practical requirement like zero collapse edge, smooth and tidy edge requirements. When dealing with ceramic tile or porcelain etc, worker often need to quickly switch from cutting to grinding. While changing a saw blade to a grinder (and vice versa) takes a lot of time, and it’s not easy to use an extra angular grinder. so using both in one diamond ceramic saw blade is a great solution: Angle grinder blade – Multi cutting and grinding ceramic

Besides, the burr cutting tiles with a 45 degree is also the most common finishing operation, many worker use an Angle grinder to do this manually, which requires diamond saw blade is rigid, soft, and grind-able. The saw blade is reinforced by a 25mm wide double-sided diamond bearing layer. At the same time, diamond blade with “honeycomb (hexagon)” layer pattern makes cutting soft with high performance. The wide plane segment creates a “support” effect that guides the circle into a straight line, so after cutting, you also can grind the end edge of the tile using the same blade, so using both in one blade is a great solution! With blade like this, the 45degree cutting becomes a real pleasure. The diameter of the blade is 115 or 125 mm, and the base is 22.2 mm. It is used in Angle mills without the use of water cutting to cool it. It was developed for high quality cutting tiles with decorative coverings. The case with the M14 flange can be confidently cut and ground for solid tiles. Diamond cutting, specially designed for Angle grinder and tile cutting machine. Used for tile dry cutting (cutting) at 45 degree Angle. Equipped with 25mm wide double-sided diamond layer, rugged and durable.

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