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BINIC ABRASIVE – A Professional Manufacture of Ceramic Disc

BINIC Abrasive produce crimson ceramic disc for consumer. The material is aluminium oxide and ceramic abrasive, C latexed paper backing. We’ve got length from diameter 80-230mm( round) , all kinds of strip and triangle type, and the grit from forty-a thousand. It’s far broadly used in automobile-body paintings, unfinished and paint surface.

BINIC can provide fast-grinding merchandise with advanced overall performance, and its service lifestyles is a good deal longer than traditional abrasives. This is because the water-based stearate coating can provide the finest load resistance, thereby prolonging the provider life of the product.

This series of ceramic particles can offer long-lasting sharp edges, thereby supplying a higher sprucing impact at the dealt with floor. It’s far very appropriate for sanding any kind of fabric, consisting of scratch-resistant varnishes and electronic coatings, primers and composite materials, in order that no unique merchandise are required. In addition, the hollow sample helps to acquire a dust-loose surroundings, thereby protective employees from dangerous sanding dust particles.

Ceramic disc has gentle and elastic base paper ensures desirable flexibility and work portions having smoother finishes; Unique-handled grains, which follow ecu standards, are made by high nice ceramic Alox with exceptional grinding and persistence. Better productivity and consistent end; heat-resistant resin and high strength base paper assure chronic performance; special anti-clog coating prevents clogging with sanding dust and optimizes the product performance.

BINIC is our very own logo line, bringing you a selection of excessive first-class, high fee products, to provide you with more selections. Each part of every BINIC abrasive product has been examined to stringent industry standards and is relied on with the aid of engineers around the world; they will simplest be identified with the aid of BINIC if we’re assured in their superior high-quality, which means you may be assured too.

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