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Cost Composition of BINIC Cutting Wheels

The resin cutting disc uses resin as the binder and glass fiber mesh as the muscles and bones, and combines various materials. The cutting performance is particularly remarkable for difficult-to-cut materials such as alloy steel, stainless steel and cutting wheel types. At the same time, the choice of the material , hardness and cutting wheel thickness can greatly improve your cutting efficiency and save your production cost. The cutting disc consists of follow five parts:

  • Trademark
  • Hole ring
  • Abrasive
  • Binder (bonding agent)
  • Reinforcing mesh

OEM Trademark

Can be customized according to customer logo! satisfy customer’s request.

Metal Ring 

Compared with the product without the hole ring, the hole ring makes the dimensional accuracy of the hole higher. And in many cases, the validity period of the metal cutting wheel is engraved on the hole ring. Abrasive: It is the main grinding part of the cutting disc, with sharp edges and corners, that is, a small cutting edge, to cut the work piece.

The Abrasive

That is often a very hard material, usually a compound, such as emery (chemical composition is silicon carbide) , corundum (chemical composition is aluminum oxide), diamond, ceramic cutting tools etc., the most common are emery wheel and corundum wheel.


According to the different uses of the cutting disc there are ceramics, resins, rubber, metal, etc., and its main function is to bond the abrasives together to form a grinding wheel with a certain shape.

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The reinforced mesh of the cutting disc is the bone in the resin grinding wheel, which plays a particularly important role in the strength of the entire cutting wheel and directly determines the quality of the cutting disc.

Factors Affecting the Price of Cutting Wheels

An metal cutting grinding wheel is typically far thicker and is made of tougher materials for the purpose of cutting. On some occasions, an abrasive cutting disc will consist of an aluminum or steel core coated with an abrasive material. Such construction often allows for higher strength and durability, but can also have an effect on prices.

 The construction of the abrasive cutting disc is not the only variable that plays into pricing. In fact, abrasive cutting discs vary in accordance with a number of variables.

One of the most important variables is the material being used, as the materials that make up the abrasive cutting disc can vary greatly. Other variables, such as grain coarseness, grain spacing, and disc grade, also play a big role in the quality and price of an abrasive cutting disc.BINIC provide best disc for grinding welds.

The material cost part accounts for about 20%-40% of the total cost according to the size of different cutting wheels. The cost of resin accounts for 10-15% of the total cost according to the size of different cutting disc. The cost of reinforcing meshes accounts for 10-20% of the total cost according to the size of different grinding wheels! Other costs, including transportation costs, labor costs, and machine loss costs, account for about 30%-40% of the total cost.

Still Have Question?

BINIC ABRASIVE has been focusing on the research and development of basic materials and processes for metal cutting wheel for grinder. In terms of product performance, the life of our cutting wheel cutting stainless steel cutting is at least 30%-100% higher than other brands, while taking into account the cutting of carbon steel materials! ! We adhere to the principle of making your work easier and happier, and provide you with cost-effective products and services !

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