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How To Choose a Diamond Saw Blade For Cutting Tiles

Diamond saw blade is a cutting tool, which is widely used in the processing of hard and brittle materials such as concrete, stone, and ceramics. The quality of processing depends on the technology of the processor and also on the quality of the diamond saw blade. More and more industries use diamond saw blades in the production process. With the integration and subdivision of the industry, the types of diamond saw blades are becoming more and more refined.

Classification by manufacturing process

1. Sintered diamond saw blade

It is divided into two types: cold press sintering and hot press sintering, which are formed by pressing and sintering.

2. Welding diamond saw blades

It is divided into two types: high-frequency welding and laser welding. High-frequency welding welds the cutter head and the substrate together through high-temperature melting media, and laser welding uses high-temperature laser beams to melt the contact edge of the cutter head and the substrate to form a metallurgical bond.

Diamond saw blade selection criteria

1. Selection of diamond particle size

When the diamond particle size is coarse and single particle size, the saw blade head is sharp and the sawing efficiency is high, but the bending strength of the diamond agglomeration decreases; when the diamond particle size is fine or mixed, the saw blade head has high durability, but less efficient. Taking the above factors into consideration, it is more appropriate to choose a diamond particle size of 50/60 mesh.

2. Selection of diamond distribution concentration

Within a certain range, when the diamond concentration changes from low to high, the sharpness and cutting efficiency of the saw blade will gradually decrease, while the service life will gradually prolong; but if the concentration is too high, the saw blade will become blunt. And the use of low concentration, coarse particle size, the efficiency will be improved. Utilizing the different functions of each part of the cutter head during sawing, different concentrations are used (that is, a lower concentration can be used in the middle layer in a three-layer or more layer structure), and a middle groove is formed on the cutter head during the sawing process, which has a certain effect. It is beneficial to prevent the saw blade from deflecting, thereby improving the quality of stone processing.

3. Selection of diamond strength

The strength of diamond is an important indicator to ensure cutting performance. If the strength is too high, the crystal will not be easily broken, the abrasive grains will be polished during use, and the sharpness will decrease, resulting in the deterioration of the tool performance; if the diamond strength is not enough, it will be easily broken after being impacted, and it is difficult to bear the heavy responsibility of cutting. Therefore, the strength should be selected at 130-140N.


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