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How to choose grinder diamond blade in your market?

Anyone who buy grinder diamond blade knows that turbo diamond saw blades are only a part of many grinder diamond blade. Turbo diamond saw blade because of its unique segment design, and steel core design. It can be both wet cutting and dry cutting, and even some turbo saw blades perform very well in dry cutting. Even so, we can still find many different types of turbo diamond saw blade on the market. Why there are so many different turbo diamond blades to choose from, how to distinguish and judge these turbo diamond saw blade quickly, and how to choose the appropriate turbo saw blade to introduce into your own product line, detailed introduction and explanation will be given here.

Turbo rim diamond saw blade is designed for wet and dry cutting masonry materials like marble, granite, stone etc. Turbo rim segment design and matrix punching design fully integrate the characteristics of segment saw blade and continuous rim saw blade, so it is compatible with both cutting methods, both water cutting and no water cutting. This turbo diamond saw blade is often more suitable for manual cutting, like angle grinder diamond blade. Its blade size is usually 4inch(105mm) to 14 inch(350mm). Because it mainly cuts building materials such as stone, the thickness of turbo segment is from 2.1mm to 3.6mm. Some high quality saw blades using better raw materials and processes can also be used as grinder concrete blades.

Fine turbo diamond saw blade or thin turbo diamond saw blade, this fine turbo continuous rim is for fast and clean cutting. Mainly used for cutting porcelain, ceramic, tile. Considering that this product is designed specifically for Angle grinder cutting tiles. Ceramic tile, especially the kind we use for decoration, has a certain hardness at the same time because of its glaze, there are more fragile. Therefore, the ceramic saw blade is required to provide fine cutting. The design of this blade is the segment shape of fine thin turbo. Meanwhile, the production process of hot pressing is adopted to make the steel core can be very thin, to make perfectly cut, edge cut. Its blade size is usually 4inch(105mm) to 14 inch(350mm). The thickness of the fine turbo segment is from 1.2mm to 2.4mm. Some high quality fine turbo cut granite, marble, concrete performance is equally excellent.

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