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How to Choose the Appropriate Flap Discs?

When it comes to coating abrasives, one of the most important products is the flap discs. Flap discs are perfect choices for many applications. Because it can help operators save their time and cost to grind different things. But still many people must be troubled by the variety of flap discs. Today, I would like to introduce you how to make the best choice.

  1. Choosing the suitable materials according to different needs.
  2. Choosing the backing shape
  3. Choosing abrasive grit sizes

Different materials of Flap Discs

Alumina is a common choice when a consistent low-cost product is required, but by far the most commonly used flap disc is zirconia alumina. Zirconia alumina flap disc has the greatest versatility and provides a mixture of zirconia – alumina and alumina particles. It is slightly more expensive than alumina flap discs, but it is more heat-resistant, durable and stays sharp longer.

Another one is ceramic alumina. The particles in these flap discs are micro-fractured and heat-resistant, providing the sharpest edges consistently. Ceramic alumina flap discs are the most expensive option, but they are the longest lasting of the three types.

In the end, our goal was to find a flap disc that would meet the application requirements within the required time and budget.

Choosing the backing shape

T27: They are ideal for grinding at angles between 0 and 15 degrees. They fit easily on irregular surfaces, providing smooth grinding and finishing.

T29: They are ideal for grinding at angles between 15 and 35 degrees. Its angled design is ideal for force cutting and use on irregular surfaces

Choosing abrasive grit sizes

The abrasive grit sizes of a Flap disc is usually between 36 and 120, with a smaller number indicating coarser grit and a larger number indicating finer grit. Generally, the coarser grit is used for initial workpiece and cutting, while the finer grit is used for mixing and finishing.

Final Thoughts

Lyle Rawlins concurred that flap discs are the good choice when a fine finish is required. “I was just amazed the first time I ran a flap disc to see the finish, even a coarse grit will give you a finish you won’t believe.” he said.

When you have feeling on Flap Discs, you must have lots of different choices. Choosing the appropriate one is the most important thing. If you still have questions on how to choose the suitable one, please contact BINIC – coated abrasives manufacturers, your best choice.

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