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 How to Use Cutting Disc

The cutting disc belongs to the abrasive tool, and is made of abrasive and binder resin for cutting ordinary steel, stainless steel and non-metallic materials. It is divided into resin cut-off wheel and diamond cutting blade. Glass fiber and resin are used as reinforced bonding materials, which have high tensile, impact and bending strength, and are widely used in the production and blanking of ordinary steel, stainless steel and non-metallic materials. High cutting efficiency of work pieces and optimum economical results.

Tip 1: How to choose a suitable cutting disc for different cutting materials? For carbon steel, alloy steel, cast steel, stainless steel, copper-aluminum, and glass stone, due to their different tissue densities and heating conditions, it is decided that the choice of grinding wheel is different; for glass stone, there are some on the market. Special glass stone cutting and grinding tools; copper, aluminum and stainless steel solid materials should be cut or polished with a lower thickness or with zirconium corundum as the base material; higher hardness is required for cutting carbon steel and stainless steel profiles (non-solid). The grinding wheel will greatly improve the life; but for solid round steel and forgings, the hardness of the metal cutting disc should not ng piece with a looser tissue to facilitate heat dissipation. 4. The abrasive of the cutting blade should be equipped with the cutting work piece. Excellent materials and exquisite craftsmanship ensure high cutting efficiency and best economic results for work pieces of different materials. Ultra-cool and ultra-thin, slicing professionally used for stainless steel, the first 0.9mm ultra-thin body, transforming the classic gorgeousness, selected ultra-sharp abrasives, be too high, otherwise it will not cut!

Tip 2: The influence of the thickness of the cutting disc on the cutting material: The emphasis on selecting the cutting sheet: 1. Select the thin cutting disc as much as possible under the conditions allowed by the cutting process. 2. Choose a cutting disc with finer abrasive particles. 3. Choose a cuttismall body, big difference, the knife rises and falls, showing a unique style, this is the it.

Tip 3: What are the reasons for the rupture of the cutting blade during use? When the cutting blade is installed and used, it needs to be idle for one minute. There are two main factors for the rupture during this process: one is that the cutting blade is an inferior product and does not reach the line speed of the cutting table. In addition, the hole diameter of the cutting blade and the shaft of the cutting table are not equipped, so there is a large stress during assembly. The second is that the cutting disc is broken during use. We often see that the cutting disc is normal at the beginning of use, and the grinding wheel disc is broken when the cutting is usually 1/3 of the state. Through analysis, it may be the following reasons: poor flatness of the cutting blade, uneven structure of the cutting blade, high hardness of the cutting blade, and lack of toughness of the cutting blade resin. In summary, in order to avoid the rupture of the cutting blade, the quality requirements of the cutting blade are as follows: 1. There must be sufficient strength, and the normal rotation strength of the cutting blade must reach 1.5 times the speed of use. 2. There should be a good flatness. The flatness of the cutting sheet should be controlled within 0.3mm. 3. Select the appropriate cutting blade. Due to the complicated use of the cutting blade, the hardness of the cutting blade must be selected according to its own needs. If it is too hard, it will break, and if it is too soft, it will increase the cost.

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