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Introduction of cutting and grinding wheels

There is no one type abrasive wheels can really perfectly fits all application when we talk about surface grinding experts.However, there are wheels that can well running cutting and grinding effectively in some jobs,what we so-called Cuting and grinding disc. This combination wheels can features as below points :

The thickness of cutting grinding wheel is usually between 0.065-inches and 1/8th-inch (0.125-inch), In order to handle grinding operation. The wheel is not just for cutting but also for light grinding after cutting. besides, the wheels are typically depressed center, or in Type 27 designed allowing the lock nut of anger to recess within the wheel through the depress so it will be productive for grinding like any of 1/4 inch grinding disc. Lastly, In order to handle well grinding also safety, factory should keep a minimum of at least three layers of reinforcement, but in general need, more we can see is 2-layers. For Combo wheel,users mainly consider its’ stability and reinforcement. Binic- flap disc and grinding disc manufacture.

What situation or fields we can see grinding and cutting wheels? By the combo wheel, an operator will put a slight bevel on the end of objects, or cleaning up the deburr any imperfections of the surface after cutting . So basically , that will generally be used in below fields (situations) : Shipyard factory. Ship need high precision in seam and the perfection to make the high quality in steel material, so there are a lot of light grinding works need to be done; When operators have to work outdoor. They will often take one anger and cut-off wheel with them to saver time 80% operators just use cutting disc to grinding which is unsafe, so it recommended that with combo wheel saving changeover time; These combination wheel is also for entry-level worker. Binic- wire brush and cutting wheels manufacture.

For someone just beginning in the metalworking world, this is a very safer wheel, also it will help to low down cost comparing to cost of grinding disc; The combo wheels are very well suited in pipeline industry. The size of the gap in the seam between two sections of pipe is 1/8inch,so this 1/8inch combo wheel originally designed for Pip or tub. Also the thickness should be important to keep in just 1/8inch. These wheels are used primarily for root pass cleaning applications. After welders lay down their initial pip on a seam, they will hard grind into that bead to clean it out and grind down the bead into a concave shape to ready the seam for next pip .  

Despite it’s cutting and grinding feature, it cannt be used in heavy grinding, so I will introduce you some points we should pay attention to while we are using cutting grinding disc . Binic also produce flap disc, sandpaper, wire brushes. If you have question, please contact Binic abrasive.

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