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Introduction of Turbo-Type Cutting&Grinding Diamond Disc

Ceramic is a collective term for pottery and porcelain. Ceramics have many advantages such as excellent insulation, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high hardness, low density, radiation resistance, etc., and are widely used in how to cut concrete with angle grinder. With the rise of the high-tech industry, the research and development of various new special ceramics has also achieved great development, and ceramics have increasingly become excellent structural materials and functional materials. They have higher temperature resistance, mechanical properties, special electrical properties and excellent chemical resistance than traditional ceramics, and are irreplaceable high-quality materials in many industries.

Therefore, under such a premise, cutting and polishing all kinds of ceramic products becomes particularly important. BSP Tools has developed a new type of angle grinder diamond blade with integrated cutting and grinding, which can effectively meet the needs of various types of ceramic cutting. This asphalt cutting blade has an effective cutting height of 25mm, which has a very eye-catching appearance and display effect. The bevelling treatment from a 45-degree angle has the best effect.diamond hand sawcan be used for small hand-held power tools such as angle grinder cut concrete and marble machines. Cutting and the polished edge is also very smooth, and the cutting process will not produce the slightest edge chipping, which can effectively ensure the beauty of the cutting material. The entire product adopts an ultra-thin thickness, which can effectively dissipate heat during the cutting work and reduce the raw materials in the grinding process loss. In addition, the wholeconcrete grinding wheel adopts hot pressing process to ensure the sharpness and service life of the product, which is a rare emerging product in the sintered diamond blades factory. It is very popular in most European countries, especially in Germany, Poland, Russia and other markets.

According to market demand, researching and developing a series of new products is what BSP Tools has been doing. Since 2006, we have launched many uniquegranite cutting wheel Our aim is to improve the work efficiency of front-line workers, happy work, and health work.

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