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Production Process of Hot Pressed Diamond Saw Blade

There are three commonly used production modes of granite cutting wheel : cold pressing, hot pressing and welding. Topic of the article is the production process and features of hot pressing and how to cut concrete with angle grinder.

The production process of hot pressed angle grinder diamond blade  can be divided into the following parts. 1, According to the production requirements*, diamond, iron, nickel, cobalt and other metal powder are selected. Then we mix binding agents with selected powders, which is often carried out using pendulum motion mixers. (* Diamond-related parameters are taken into consideration to meet the individual requirements of a given application, including diamond type, grit size and concentration. With 20-year experience of diamond tools manufacture, BSP TOOLS has strict requirements on metal matrix and diamond particles selection. Our various formulas for different application are well received, which have been keeping upgrading.) 

2. As mentioned in our last article, press of diamond-matrix* mixture and qualified steel core is necessary. Next, the hot pressing process, unlike cold pressing, consists of a simultaneous application of heat and pressure so as to obtain a product nearly free from internal porosity. (*One of the important requirements for matrix is to firmly hold the concrete grinding wheel and the pressing will help to angle grinder cut concrete. Under the application conditions the diamond-matrix interactions occur in a variety of forms depending on the size and shape of each individual diamond particle.) 3. After sintering and cooling, we remove burrs and oxides from the asphalt cutting blade surface. Anticorrosive paint on the steel core after polishing. 4. Performance and safety tests are implemented based on EN 13236. Qualified products will be printed, laser marked and packed according to customers’ requirements.

Though the production cost of hot sintered diamond blades factoryis higher than the cold sintered, the improvement of cutting speed and service time has of course been welcomed by customers. Constant technical innovation and good cost control make BSP capable of offering cost-effective hot sintered diamond hand saw.

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