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The Choose of Coated Abrasive

The specific application decides the correct choice of the coated abrasive – grinding and cutting tool. There are various cost and supply parameters to consider, such as material availability and prices.  

Coated abrasives range in quality from basic commodity particles to precision engineered solutions. They differ from bonded abrasives in that they are deposited on a flexible backing rather than embedded in a fixing adhesive. Abrasive grit used in coated abrasives typically ends up as belts, louvers, rolls, or vulcanized fiber discs.

However, it may not be helpful to classify coated abrasives by end-use configuration, as this does not tell you about their key characteristics (cutting action, brittleness, service life, etc.). It is best to classify coated abrasives by application as this provides more information.

Heavy Duty Grinding with Coated Abrasive

Heavy duty grinding often apply fiber discs, flap discs, narrow and wide belts, and special coated abrasive shapes. Inferior coated abrasives with a single layer of abrasive fixed to a flexible backing cannot be used in heavy-duty industrial applications because they degrade extremely quickly. Long before the surface reaches its optimum finish, the particles dull and fall off the backing.

Specially engineered abrasive grains for coated abrasives contain high-performance nanostructures with minimal fracture under stress, delivering breakthrough results in heavy-duty grinding applications. A range of precision ceramic grains on flexible backings for heavy-duty grinding of a variety of difficult-to-machine substrates, including stainless and mild carbon steels, hard steels, non-ferrous metals, specialty alloys, carbon steels and more.

Precisely Cutting Grains with Coated Abrasive

Heavy-duty grinding typically relies on high-strength particles with low brittleness and excellent thermodynamic stability to handle the severe stresses of high-volume machining of hard substrates. The requirements for refined grains are different, but equally stringent.

Finishing Coated abrasives are typically used in precision applications where topographical uniformity at the lowest possible scale is inherently critical. Applications such as finishing for orthopedic implants and electronic substrates for power generation are common. However, growing industry demands have put pressure on achieving fine and consistent finishes with minimal material expense.

High-durability abrasive grits for coated abrasives are ideal for precision finishing applications because they maintain aggressive cutting action longer, allowing orbital discs and polishing belts to operate in more passes than ever before Maintains its high material removal rate throughout the cycle.

Coated Abrasives from Binic Abrasive

At BINIC Abrasive, we recommend high-performance coated abrasives made of specially engineered abrasive grains in all finishing applications from high-intensity industrial grinding to precision finishing.

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