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The right way to use Cutting and grinding wheels

For now, the combo wheels pop in abrasive tool company becoming a new hot spot in abrasive tools. As it’s name, it can offer flexibility and efficiency when switching between cutting and grinding application. In the last article, we talked about the main fields and features these cutting and grinding wheel usually be. Today we continue to talk about: Some important points that we need to pay attention to while we use Combo wheels.

It is better to remember that cutting grinding wheel is always for light grinding action,despite they be reinforced in 3 layers but it is not suitable for heavy grinding like shaping. After we finish cutting, there is always debur on the end of the object. The combo wheel can usually be used for removing rust, corrosion, and thread-lock from pipe threads during oil field, as well as deburring manufactured pipe and tubing. They are cann’t make big change on shape of objects which is a big difference from the grinding wheel. Other correct process action code will be same with general grinding like : keep in right angel like 15-30 degree; use the edge in stead of side to grinding; do not use too big pressure, etc.

Besides, pay attention to balance cutting and grinding actions. In the practice, the grinding function take a affiliating role since it will occur in the end of work after cutting. We use the wheel to debur the end or the angel surface of workpiece to smooth the surface. The consumer of grinding will be much slight so at the begain of the work it can keep cutting. However, when you use the wheels cutting to the half of all diameter or over half of whole diameter, the combo wheel is cannt be used for light grinding end of pip at all . since the inside position is not suitable for any of grinding function. Also I would like to recommend that to make one action cutting first, after it done then process grinding.  

There are other advisable opinions on the right ways to use cutting grinding disc, all are important to grinding wheel manufacturers. The right process codes can not only help users in as safe as environment work but also can longer the wheels life saving plenty of cost and time. Welcome your any ideas to share with us !

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